Organisational Behaviour and the Sociology of Work

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It is important to understand that health can be influenced daily by personal circumstances, beliefs and actions, attitudes, and the cultural, social, economic, and physical environments in which an employee work. Hence it is important to maintain a healthy working environment. A healthy workplace is that which provides benefits for both the employers as well as the employees. This is possible because good health practices by both will lead to personal and organizational productivity and achievement of goals more easily. In other words, the main intention of any health promotion program is to enable employees to improve their physical, emotional, and social health and lead a much productive life.In a healthy organization, all employees especially the managers need to be aware of the goals and objectives and know where the organization is going. In order to accomplish all the goals and objectives, it is important to have a healthy team. The managers should understand the vision for the organization and can articulate it to others. In addition, they should also know the specific short term results that they have to achieve. This will enable them to put less pressure on the team in the last moment to achieve targets. This will also help in measuring the achievement and also give knowledge of how much more need to be achieved to accomplish the final objective. It is also necessary to have a clear connection between the organization’s strategic goals and objectives and work being performed at all levels and it is the responsibility of the managers to coordinate these activities (Miller n.pag).Today in many of the organizations it is common to hear terms such as stress management, organizational health, workplace violence, etc. it is good to understand that increasing workload has put pressure on employees and most of them complain of stress. Experts have defined stress as any physical, chemical, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental unrest. These stress factors may further be a reason for disease causation.