Organ leader and decision making

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The focus of the Week 2 discussion is to give you guidance on how to evaluate research journal articles in the UC databases. Go to the Library Resources link to find, download, and read the Guidelines for Evaluating Research Article using the reference information below.Rumrill, P., Fitzgerald, S., & Ware, M. (2000). Guidelines for evaluating research articles. Work, 14(3), 257–263.Answer the following question after reading the article. Describe the components and composition of journal articles you read about in the Rumrill, Fitzgerald, and Ware (2000) article. Do not copy and paste your answers from the article. How was this exercise helpful to you? Provide at least one scholarly source from the UC Library databases in the initial discussion thread. Do not use the textbook as the main source. Be sure to use information from your readings and other sources. Use proper citations and references in your post. 15/05/20205informationsystems