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1. Describe the leadership journey of Howard Schultz.
How did his greatest talent impact his leadership and success?  What advice would Howard Schultz give to your leaders?2. What is the Journey to Authentic Leadership? How would you describe and explain each phase?
Why is it necessary to take that journey?3. What are five phases of Losing Sight of Your True North?  How would you describe and explain each phase?
4. Why do Leaders lose their way? Explain.  What can be done to stop this process?
Who is a leader who has lost their way?  This could be someone you may or may not know personally.5. Describe the Crucibles of Daniel Vasella andhis long journey.  What was the impact on his leadership?
What advice would Daniel give your leaders?6. What was the Crucible for Bill George, the author of True North? How did he describe it?  Describe why Bill George says that crucibles are important in developing leadership skills.7. What is Arianna Huffington’s story, what contributed to her success? How did this happen?  What were her challenges?  What advice would Arianna give to your leaders?8. Describe each step for Gaining Self-Awareness.  Why is each step important?
Why is self awareness important in leadership? True of False:  A Leader really does not really need to be self aware.Study and prepare answers for the 8 questions below.  During your Oral Quiz, you will be asked to give an answer for 1 of the questions.