Opinion of natural disasters

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Opinion of Natural Disasters A natural disaster is a major adverse happening resulting from the natural processes of theearth. Calamities such as floods, earthquakes, hurricanes among others are good examples of natural disasters that cause poverty, displacement and even deaths to the affected areas. The danger of natural calamities happening is out of our control as we cannot influence the earth’s movement on its axis. However, we cannot solely blame nature for all disasters as recent research shows that human activities have contributed to the increased occurring natural calamities. For instance, in Pakistan the flooding disaster was accelerated by human factors including insufficient flood control infrastructure on heavily modified river and the increasing population along its surroundings. A recent research has proven that human activities such as mining, industrialization have led to the global warming. Global warming has resulted breaking of iceberg hence rising of the ocean water levels. Due to the scarcity of resources in areas negatively affected by climate, the social gap widens, causing political unrest that heightens the tension among the rich and the poor. A political conflict may come later, which may be difficult to reverse as vulnerable societies tries to grab vicinities not affected by calamities (Dahlman, Renwick and William 122).
Human vulnerability has recently resulted to dangerous calamities. As the population grows, human activities increase likewise resulting to a conflict between natural dangerous earth processes (Dahlman, Renwick and William 192). Catastrophes like wildfire, earthquakes and floods are all dangerous events that can affect vulnerable populations. Haiti’s high population and a history of deforestation greatly contributed to the mudslides that claimed thousands of lives. However, humans can minimize the social, environmental and economic impact on natural disasters by preparing and alerting citizens before major catastrophes, to respond quickly and efficiently to lessen the damage and disruption during and after the calamity and speed up the recovery process (Dahlman, Renwick and William 192).
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