Operations of Management

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Management also leads to better organization of resources, resulting in higher output and sales. Apparently, the firm will drift and eventually fail and the business cannot succeed without the much-needed management. The basic roles of management involve planning, organizing, coordinating, commanding and controlling. Management involves taking risks and requires critical decision-making regarding strategic, tactical or operation matters. Operations Management: Operations management is a branch of management which deals with supervising, designing, and redesigning business operations when producing goods and services. Its main purpose is to be as productive efficient as possible by using as little resources needed for the production of goods and services. It is responsible for being effective in meeting customer requirements. The process of converting inputs into outputs comes under operations management. (Borrington, Stimpson. 2006) Operations management helps to increase the substance of value-added activities in any process of the business. But for optimal enterprise performance, a business must co-align these value-adding activities with possible marketing opportunity. It is mainly concerned with the technical functions of a business like the development, production and manufacturing of goods and services. … It has to decide upon the best marketing mix for each and every product and make sure that this is put into effect. It will keep records of the sales of each product/service so that decisions can be made about extensions strategies or taking products off the market. A business will fail without effective marketing. The marketing managers have an important role in meeting customer requirements. Organization: Unilever. Introduction: Unilever is a giant multinational with its headquarters in London, and operating companies in many countries of the world for example Switzerland, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and India, to name a few. It was first established in 1930 when Lever Brothers of UK and Margarine Unie of Netherlands merged. Since then it is providing consumers with the best of hygiene, personal care and nutrition products all over the world. The Marketing Department: In Unilever most of the decisions are made by the Upper Management and they make decisions regarding the marketing of their products like advertising and promotion. It has such a vast size because of the fact that it is a multinational, that organizing is probably the most critical of all functions of its management. It is important that their employees are motivated and inspired to work efficiently and make sure that all departments are working according to their goals and instructions assigned to them. All the progress has to be evaluated to increase the output and results and overcome any conflicts and problems. The role of marketing managers: The marketing manager of all Unilever companies has to perform many interpersonal roles of which, liaison is the most important. He has to act as a leader and an