Operations Managements

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It specifies the machine tools for each indicated operations. It shows the necessary tooling (jigs fixtures, cutting tools, cams, and templates, measuring instruments and gauges) for each indicated operation. It provides manufacturing data such as speed and feeds. It indicates estimated or stopwatch based setup and processing times and incorporates sometimes the specification of the skill for each operation. During process planning, we should have detailed information about the benefits of new process implementation. We should know how much the benefits we will get with the new process. For example while designing a new product we should know the future demand of the product, how much product we can produce in a day, and what is the cost associated with new products. These information’s are incorporated onto a sheet known as process sheet or route sheet. The information contained in the process sheet can be used in the following operations: Scheduling, Material movement, cost reduction cost control, costing, method of working, the requirement of manpower machines shop efficiency. Production is also depended on the demand of the material. If the demand of the product is less then there is no need for production in large batches. If the demand for the product is high then there is no need for production in small batches. So when the demand of the product is high we should plan the production of material in large batches or in continuous batches, to minimize the cost of production also to minimize the delay delivering the material to the customer.UMA tools Inc. is a job order production unit. It functions both as a secondary as well as a primary manufacturer. Some of the items contracted from its customers, it offloads in turn to its vendors for rough machining. The present list of sub-contract items includes components called exhaust manifold. The raw casting of this component are purchased by the company .given for machining quarterly to three established suppliers (it costs $30.0 to raise a purchase order and process the delivery).