Operations Management

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This study will firstly reflect upon the strategic business focus of both these firms. Nando’s and WAGAMAMA have different business strategy and target market. Their operations are mainly related to acquiring raw materials from suppliers, processing food, taking order from customers, delivering food items, checking payment details and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. These internal operations are similar for both the firms. Lead time is another issue discussed in this particular study. It has been stated that lead time should be less in case of restaurant business since it affects the operation flow. Quality management has been indicated as the prime focus for both the firms. Nando’s and WAGAMAMA take proper actions to sustain high quality level ranging from dealings with suppliers to product delivery. A process flowchart has been drawn for both the firms including a physical layout for the selected restaurants. The study also includes certain recommended solutions for the firms which shall help to address certain operation management issues witnessed by Nando’s and WAGAMAMA. Main focus of the study is on inventory control, demand planning and importance of safety stock in restaurant business.
Operations management is a kind of management associated with controlling, overseeing and designing production process. It involves redesigning wide array of business operations in production of services and goods. The concept encompasses responsibility of ensuring that there is efficiency in business operations. Optimization of resources is a major concern in dimension of operations management. Fulfilling customer requirements is also taken into consideration in this approach. Operations management is concerned with managing the overall process through which inputs are successfully converted into outputs. Inputs are usually in the form of raw materials, energy and labour. Output is in the form of services or products.