Operations and Supply Chain Strategies

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A supply chain implies both the direct and indirect involvement of parties in satisfying customer’s requests, the parties which may be involved in a company include manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, transporters, warehouses and finally the customers. This chain is thus where the company operations take place hence there is the need for companies to ensure that there is smooth running of operations in the supply chain (Gattorna 2011).The importance of this area of study in a company is that operations and supply chain aims at ensuring that customer satisfaction is achieved which is a major objective of any company or a business entity. Operation and supply chain strategies of a company is therefore important in ensuring its success thus there is a need for the company put priority in ensuring that there are well laid strategies that are able to deliver a successful and constant flow of information, funds and products in the different stages as the company strive to meet customer satisfaction and requirements. The efficiency and effectiveness of a company operations and supply chain highly depend on the company laid down strategies that facilitates efficiency and effectiveness. Many companies have therefore invested heavily on the on the design, formulation and the implementation of these strategies (Sehgal 2011). The returns on this investment are mainly increase in sales, revenue and profitability of the company. Effective and efficient operation and chain supply strategies are those which attribute the company with the minimum costs of production and distribution while maximizing the revenues and profits of a company (Handfield 2008).Coca Cola Company is among the largest top companies in the world which manufacture beverages, bottled water and non-alcoholic soft drinks. The success of this company has been attributed the adoption of the suitable and appropriate operations and strategies.