Operation Management of a Five Star Restaurant in a Competitive City

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Documents are drawn on a CAD system of by hand: The drawings give details of elevations, space planning, and the schedule. A pool of consultants joins together, to finalize this important document. Next, submit them to the local Building and Health Department for verification and eventual sanction. ( Typical Drawings: Some of the important drawings are, Floor Plan with FF E( furniture, fixtures and equipment), environmental plan, kitchen equipment elevations, Telephone and electrical plan, etc.3. Building Codes: Your plans need to in conformity with the building and health codes applicable to your city/location. These plans are required to be approved by County Health Department, Dept. of Building and Safety, Fire Marshall and Special Agencies4. Food Service Consultants: Once you give the full specifications, they will plan accordingly. You will get a specialized opinion from these professionals, as they normally do not do marketing for any type of equipment. It is better not to give the contract for those consultants who do the marketing of the products also, in which case their opinion can be biased in favor of the products which they wish to promote.6. Architects: A very important part of the facility set up They avail the services of a Structural Engineer and submit plans to the Department of Building and Safety. In addition, an additional consultant is appointed by them, such as Mechanical Engineers, Lighting Consultants, Audio Consultants and Electrical Engineers.7. Equipment Suppliers and Dealers: This is a key area. Supply firms prefer turn-key assignments. You are offered free design as well. But you need to take care of the quality of the design. Designing in itself is a specialized job8. Hiring a General Contractor: Here Again, you need to hire the services of a specialist builder, not any other builder.