Operating in India The of Exceed Corporation

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On the other hand, it would be required that the firms interested to operate globally can meet the demands of the market in which they plan to enter.In the case of India, the operation of foreign firms across the country is related to a series of problems. More specifically, private – driven commercial activities cannot be expanded further from a pre-defined framework: there are commercial activities in the country that belong to the exclusive administration of the government and they are conducted by state-owned enterprises. India is a country of low income (referring to the income of the vast majority of its population which is estimated to be approximately 1,165,577,000 in accordance with a recent report published by the Euromonitor International (2008). However, business activities in this country have many chances to be successful especially if are appropriately designed and monitored.Exceed Corporation is a management services provider to the US federal government. The Company would like to expand its market in one or more of its six business lines to international governments. Exceed has identified the governments of India and Canada as candidate buyers for its services. Both countries are English speaking with British Commonwealth styled government structures. These two primary attributes may allow Exceed to take services provided to the US Federal government and extend similar services offerings internationally.Governments are responsible for ensuring that their programs meet their public policy goals and are in the best interest of their constituents. Political, social and economic shifts create the opportunity for new programs to be created and existing programs to be evaluated. Governments are also facing increased scrutiny by the public and elected officials to ensure that they are acting in the most cost-effective, responsible manner possible (Canada, 2006) (India, 2006).