Open Office

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This project eliminates the helping wizards like in Microsoft office and introduces with a new feature that may be somewhat helps in the styles of the document. The best feature of this Open Office is that it maintains the database in form of bibliography, which later helps in referencing or finding some extra resources for notes.
Being a writer Mike Magee emphasizes about the feature comparable to Microsoft Word in Open Office in his article. He after his reviews on different word processors like the Byzantine Wordstar, Lotus Manuscript, Xywrite, Gem First Word Plus and many more including different innumerable Microsoft word processors he prefer Open Office Word Processor. He encloses that Open Office Word Processor by default gives many feature for the document that may be changed and saved as a template document, later all other documents may customize with respect to all favorite style document user saved. The software may read all the Microsoft extensions i.e., .rtf, .txt, etc and may produce HTML files as well.
He as a writer likes Open Office as it allows him to switch all the auto options, like auto spell-check, auto sense, auto sniff, auto quotes etc, easily. Moreover, he switches off the option that change his word Icons in OO icons.
Open Office is an open source software and are available free on Internet. There are two kind of software, one is open source software and the other is proprietary software. The open source software is found free or for very low cost on Internet or on Compact Disks with their source code for the use. However, proprietary software is same but their code is only with developers or sometimes with the good hackers. Microsoft Explorer is the best example for preprimary software. This software is designed for some particular issues, as developers are not the users and though it lacks with the features and sometimes don’t allow enhancing. Contrary to this, open source software holds the source code and can be modified by the user according to its own requirements. Briefing a little more about the proprietary software, that to eliminate bugs and have new functionalities user has to wait for the new version and developers work for this on extra money, despite open source totally oppose it and though use more cause its bug fixations are continuous and features release are regular to the user to use. Moreover, developers work for open source by volunteering themselves for free to specialize and earn name where as all proprietary software are part of business trade-offs. And though it may conclude that due to open source in hand, user is more flexible with open source rather than proprietary software.
Open Source Software is famous and efficient cause their source code is in the hand of user and can modify to respective requirements. Source Code actually is a set of instructions or programs compiled together to run software. Or in other words, source code is the set of statements that is readable to human but not computers and to make computer understand that language it is compiled and changed into machine language. This set of statements seems to be nothing else than a document of text but values whole software. A little change in a text of doc may not allow software to run perfectly and though these source codes of different software are kept out of reach from the users who don’t have any idea about computer languages. There are