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Setting in FictionThink of your favorite story, book, movie or play. Consider the elements of its setting (time, place, social environment, and weather). In four-to-five sentences, discuss the impact the setting plays on the story. You can discuss how it affects the characters or how it contributes to the meaning of the story. Be sure to include the name of the story, book, movie or play, and to rely on what you’ve learned about setting during this lesson.Your original post should be written using academic language (though some use of first person may be appropriate), and be written clearly in complete sentences. Be sure to proofread carefully.Some examples: One of my favorite movies is Devil. Devil takes place in an elevator with 5 people trapped between floors. Unusual things started happening on the elevator every time the lights went out. When the light came back on someone was dead. The police were contacted and detective Bowden took the case. Bowden and a security guard watched and communicated through video camera and speaker. The security guard convented them that this was the work of the devil and to save themselves they needed to see themselves as they are. When down to the last passenger on the elevator the devil reviled itself. The last passenger began to confess to a hit in run that killed a mother and her son which happened to be detective Bowden family. When thinking of how the setting impacts the movie, I think of my favorite movie- Avengers: Endgame. The setting takes place in different times. Past, present, and future. When all hope is lost in trying to bring everyone back, Scott suggest Time Travel. The avengers have an advantage of gathering all the infinity stones from different times. Particularly, they have an advantage of getting 3 out of the 6 stones which are in New York just different time periods. They succeed with bringing them all back to the present time and bring everyone back. Only for their triumphant day to get ruined by Thanos who attacks with his army. I can think of many movies that have settings I like a lot but my favorite setting which also was had the story line continuing in it also would be the scene in the movie Radio when the coach ha to tell him he can’t get on the bus to go to the football game with them as he starts to comprehend and get sad as the coach is walking to the bus leaving him there it starts to rain making the already gloomy weather and sad scene more sad because now he is stuck in the rain. They cut to the football field where it is still raining on top of now being dark and radio has the football game on his radio and he takes the field and every play he fails while playing alone in the rain they fail in the game that is actually going on till they lose on his missed field goal.SettingNotes.pptxPosted: 2 days agoDue: 20/12/2019Budget: $7Tags: urgent Answers 1The quA lity5.0 (93)5.0 (333)ChatAssignment Answer rating:5Stars out of1ratings2 days agoPurchase the answer to view itSettingLOOKINGFORLANGSTONSETTING.docxReport.pdfTry it first(plagiarism check)Buy answer $8Bids 54Discount AnsThe quA lityAmanda SmithDiscount AssignDoctor Okumurunge-kutta acerRasWriterLilliana_Smithjim claireElprofessoriUltimate GEEKbrilliant answersProf.MacQueenJOHN JUNIOR001Paula HogDr Candice_2547Catherine OwensColossal GeniusAngelina MayChrisProfRESPECT WRITERprofessor mitchAll Works solverPROF_TOMMYsmart-tutorDrNicNgaoUrgent TutorDr shamille Claraperfectohassan0906Emily Michaelkim woodsWendy LewisMiss Professorprof avrilsarapaul2013Stano 001Academic MentorDexterMastersDr.Sanam sheikhProfessor LizzCasey CeliaTerry RobertsMiss_iqra_A phyllis youngUmair_ArifSamann060Saad FahimKaya ScodelarioDr R Judy MarkLiza_JulietUnique_ProfMadam MahamProf kim writerOther questions 10Crime Unit 4 IPchild mediaDue in 3 hours, 1 pageEdu 1005 Wk5 ApplicationUnit VII Case StudyManagerial AccountsI need help with writing Quality work is needed in 48 hoursLegal rights SenarioInstructional LeadershipRated 1 timesOnly for Quality, do not Consult outside resources!Importnat note: Do not use or consult outside sources for this assignment.Respond to the stories we’ve read, and apply your understanding of setting to a story from this lesson. You may …20/12/20197english