Online gaming is a time waster

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Online gaming refers to the games that are played over the internet. It has become a popular and successful source of entertainment for people of all ages but it is more popular among the school or college going students. All you need is a computer with an internet connection. It has the ability to link players together from any part of the world. Because of this, almost everybody is into it. Its implausible characteristics make a lot of students become addictive to it. It does not only provide entertainment, but also gives a chance to socialize with anyone, present anywhere in the world. Online gaming has created a huge problem of time wastage in the world. With the growing trends of these games and the introduction of latest graphics and innovations, these games attract more and more people, especially children, towards them. Computer gaming has become an industry. Many big companies are eager to invest in it. This leads to the developing of new versions of the already existing games as well as the development of brand new games. Parents are found complaining about the falling grades of their children as they spend majority of their time in front of a computer, playing games for many hours in a row, eyes fixed on the screens, so involved in their games that they forget about everything else around them. They forget to eat, they forget to take proper sleep, and are least interested about their homework or studies. All they care about is gaining expertise in the game they play so that they could become the next online gaming champion.