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280-300 wordsPlease answer the following question:Consider two cultures: one is high on performance orientation and low on power distance and the other is low on performance orientation and high on power distance. What would be the cultural preference for each culture concerning:What performance criteria to assess? Who will act as an assessor (direct supervisor vs. 360 degrees)? Type of assessment (formal vs. informal; direct vs. indirect)? How the feedback on performance will be delivered? Please make sure that your answer is well structured, clear and concise, articulated in a logical manner and relevant to the topic at hand. Ensure that it is free of grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors. You cannot amend your response, once it is posted, so make sure that it reflects all your points of view. Also, you cannot respond to the posts of other students before posting your initial contribution. Click on the “reply” button below to post your response.