On Truth Book by Harry Frankfurt

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These questions are guides, not short answer essay questions. After you answer them, weave everything into a paper.What is the purpose of the book?What key issues are at the heart of the book? Why are they important? Based on what?What conclusions and implications are outlined in the book?What does Frankfurt take for granted about the world or about people and life?How does he define bullshit?Is it different from lying? If so, how?Which is more damaging to discourse, a liar or a bullshitter?Why do we tolerate bullshit more than lies? What are the implications of this tolerance?Where do you stand on bullshit?What ideas do you have for countering bullshit in your life?Why is truth important?What aspect of truth is he addressing?Why does he reference Spinoza? What is joy? What is love?Why do we become angered when we realize we have fallen for a lie?Why is truth important to the individual?What were at least 3 concepts that had the most meaning for you?Write a page on what you learned from both books, Post Truth & on Truth. Where is your thinking now regarding the current Zeitgeist? What are some examples of bullshit and of truth you have found?08/05/202040english