On Immigration Issue in the U K

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The Annotated Bibliography on Immigration Issue in the U.K. presents an overview of different literature concerning the different aspects and attitude towards immigrants in the United Kingdom.
The first one is a book of Philippe Legrain Immigrants: Your country needs them which was written on the issue of immigration. In the first chapters, the author sees the positive impact of immigration and valued them as they do odd jobs which natives hesitate to perform. He appreciates the efforts of immigrants for the diversification of U.K. society. But in the following chapters, he lamented upon illegal workers and intruders and declares them a cause of terrorist activities in the United Kingdom. The author also evaluates the work of George Borjas, professor of Economics at Harvard University in depth.
The other one is Immigration worldwide by Segal U.A, Elliott D. and Mayadas N. S. The book starts with the explanations of the theoretical approaches of immigration with particular emphasis on the motives behind immigration. Later, it discussed various countries of the world that have considerable immigrants. The book also highlights the patterns of regional movement. Basically, the book covers the phenomenon of immigration worldwide but it has a chapter regarding the issues of immigration in the United Kingdom at page number 124. The editor traces the roots of immigration in the pre-historic areas and opines that restrictions on this natural phenomenon are not possible as it can be decreased but not eliminated totally.