On Being Brought from Africa to America

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Getting deeper into the poem, one can see that she calls for racial equality. Although her poem is not based on the concept of slavery as such, it is based on the aspect of religion. In the poem, Wheatley discusses her journey from Africa to America. However, she states that it only through mercy that she was able to leave Africa and head for this new land to get the enlightenment of the one true God. She argues that learning about the savior and the one God was an exceptional process for her and she would not trade it for anything. Besides showing the fact that Africans could be taught as well, and learn how to read and write, Phillis also called for the treatment of her people in a similar manner as the other races.For instance, she says Remember, Christians, Negros, black as Cain, Maybe defined, and join the’ angelic train. In this statement, Wheatley argues that the Africans as well could be taught and they could learn. They were not a lost cause, as they would argue, and the color of their skin was not a signal that they were a diabolic die. Wheatley thus expresses the need for the treatment of all races as equal throughout the story, although she does not explore the concept of slavery.