Oliver Stone films representing the war

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1. JFK:

This film portrays the events leading to the unfortunate assassination of President Kennedy. It is assumed that this film is based on two books from other authors exploring the same issue. But while the books attracted acclaim, Stone’s JFK instantly got slathered with harsh criticism. Furious historians and critics argued that Stone’s carefree attitude with important historical facts contributed to creation of a highly twisted picture. However, the way JFK later gained confidence and amassed many Academy nominations raises embarrassing questions about the angry criticism published in American newspapers upon the movie’s release. The way Jim Garrison in JFK investigates the assassination from a completely different perspective implying an infamous scheme within the government responsible for Kennedy’s death actually ended up interesting people far more than any book ever did written on the same subject.

In fact, the magnitude of excitement felt by people who read books is dwarfed by the magnitude of thrilling suspense experienced by people who viewed the movie, in reference to how the picture reveals different ways by which powerful people use authority to manipulate events (Rendall). The fact that movies can speak louder than words is made emphatic by the way historical events are intelligently portrayed in JFK.