OL 665 Final Project

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For this project, you will choose a not-for-profit organization of your choice—it must be a 501(c)(3) organization—and develop a strategic analysis. You will report on key areas of the organization and evaluate each for its effectiveness in ensuring the long-term sustainability of the organization. Use the following question to guide your strategic analysis.I. IntroductionII. AnalysisIII. EvaluationIV. ConclusionAll elements must be addressed. Rubric for this assignment is posted as well as milestones one, two and three so assistance on the essay.FinalProjectGuidelinesandRubric.pdfMilestoneOne.docx5.1Assignment.docxFinalProjectMilestoneThree_FinancialManagementandEthics.docxPosted: 8 hours agoDue: 22/03/2020Budget: $40Tags: healthcare Administrationessay guruAnswers 1Wayem Tutor (Not rated) (Not rated)Chat5 hours agoPurchase the answer to view itSolution.docxTry it first(plagiarism check)Buy answer $30Bids 69Sheryl HoganMEERAB NAEEMMiss DeannaEssays GuruProf Double RDr.Qura-tul-ainBrainy BrianQuickly answer The grAdeProCastrol01Rewrick PatandProfRubbsDoc DaimlerElprofessoriRanchoddas Chanchad PhDMiss QuA LityEssay-tutorRanju Lewisbrilliant answersrunge-kutta acerMiss LynnBrooklyn Milan Sasha Spencerhassan0906bennetsandovaDr shamille ClaraCatherine OwensWendy LewisRESPECT WRITERsmart-tutorEmily Clarekim woodsPhd christineProf.MacQueenEva GreenDr_Biyaabdul_rehman_madam-professorNursing_MissMiss ProfessorCasey Celiauniversity workperfectoProf. ClariseEmily MichaelJenny BoomJessica LuisSaburBRey writerquality work for allBRENDAH LEEPROF_TOMMYwork solutionsAsad Ullahphyllis youngSaad Fahimimhmd.fansRohanJudithTutorTiny ChrisshujatDr. ElahiHarris KhansuniyaziaTutor Mike-BillMiss Emily BluntMiss Lily J.Abdullah AnwarTop Notch AnswerOther questions 105 URGENT PAGES criminal law discussing policing 2 page essay APA format nonplagarizedJournal Question 1-2 ParagraphsPlease carefully read all instructions- Do not HanshakeEvaluating the Stanford Prison experiment Write a paper of 1,250-1,500 words that presents your complete…due on 06/18/2017 – 150 words – APA Stylemacroeconomicsdiscussion 2 partsAmerican Art Project– AssignmentInstructions Statement of Purpose or “Why Am I Doing This?”Not ratedNeed an assignment complete Need an assignment complete22/03/202040nursing