Office Management report

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Communication Every person who wants to become a professional must have good communication skills. These skills include writing and oral communication that has a large influence on how one conveys ideas about products or services. For example, we learned how to take down notes of a meeting as well as prepare an agenda for meeting. Even beforehand, we had to inform attendees about a certain meeting, and this calls for writing skills. Some format must be followed and writing must clearly convey the purpose of the said meeting. Likewise, the minutes of the meeting would be disseminated later, which must not only be free from typographical errors but factual as well. When it comes to oral communication, this is very useful when making presentation to a group. Besides, we also learned how to facilitate a meeting so the group would not be sidetracked to other topics that may be irrelevant. There were many instances wherein we had the chance to improve our communication skills. thus, everything we learned can be useful one day. Telephone Techniques The telephone has been the medium for dealing or transacting with customers for almost fifty years before computers came into the scene. Good salespeople always used the telephone to make sales calls and close contracts. No matter how advanced technology may be using online transactions ( chat support) ,nothing comes close to the assuring human voice at the other end of the line. The lessons about telephone techniques were helpful but each company has their own way of using the telephone for business means. The lesson about telephone technique was rather basic, but it covered enough details so new employees can transact over the phone politely. Customer Service In this lesson, I learned that the success of a business largely depends on the type of customer service that it renders. Why? Simply, because competition among companies is very intense nowadays. hence, buyers are not only after a good price. They also value after sales support and this where the value of customer service comes in. Some of the things that I learned included good customer service behavior, handling customer complaints and determining customer/client satisfaction. I realized that from the very moment that employees start greeting customers, a relationship is established that can lead to satisfaction or dissatisfaction. In real life, I have witnessed bad examples of sales people making the wrong choice of words that can turn away customers. When customers feel that their needs are given due attention, they feel valued and get interested about a certain product. During the sessions, I practiced the steps of good customer behavior by looking myself in the mirror. I tried to analyze how I project warmth or if my expression were sincere enough. Indeed, I realized that successful sales people have charisma because they can easily persuade a person by just using their charm. Lastly, I also gained a lot by understanding the LEAF Theory regarding handling customer complaints. This is a very touchy subject since dissatisfied or angry customers can bring bad business by telling other people about a company. This lesson made me interested in jobs that handle complaints on services because it is challenging to appease customers. Nevertheless, the more you experience such situations, the better your customer service skills become. Time Management Even as a student, time management skills are crucial because