Of Women as Managers

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The highly educated societies have started to believe in the capabilities of human beings irrespective of their gender. Besides, the opportunities in the modern world call for equal participation from both the sexes, in all matters. However, critiques still view it as an irrational approach toward managing the company’s affairs. “Research suggests that women may be underrepresented in top management positions because of organizational policies and practices that subtly influence their career paths.” (Richardsen, 1997). Another report by (Owen and Todor, 1993) mentioned that although the number of female managers has raised by 60 % in the past decade, women representation in executive posts still remained small. This paper analyses the effectiveness of women as managers, finds the potential characteristic features that make them good managers and also their weaknesses that come in their way.

Nature has decided certain roles and responsibilities both for man and women that they are supposed to fulfill. A woman is a daughter, a sister and a mother. In a sound and strong family system, a woman has to be devoted wholeheartedly to play these roles efficiently. These roles are so demanding that they are equivalent to a full time job for a woman in a real sense. It becomes quite challenging for the women to fulfill their responsibility as a manager since they have to devote their attention to their family besides working. Nature has placed a woman in the center of the structure of a family and a woman’s negligence in playing the central role can shatter the family system altogether. In a proper family system as designed by nature, the husband and children are dependent upon the woman. And it is her moral responsibility to take care of her family above all other works.

Nature has undoubtedly designed woman’s nature in such a way that makes a woman eligible for the&nbsp.managerial jobs in a number of ways, that a man lacks in.