Of an Enrollee

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Throughout my lifetime I have realized that in order to get ahead in this world it is imperative to have a college education. Education open up the doors of opportunity by giving people access to high paying jobs in the private and public sectors. I want to enroll in Redstone College in order to become a professional that is capable of working in an organization with other colleagues. It is my goal to work hard, participate, and listen to others while I attend Redford College. Redford College is a leader in career focused education, meeting workforce needed in high demand employment fields (Redstone). In the business world the ability to work with others and display good teamwork has become a critical success factor for all employees. I want to take advantage of my college years at Redford to build a professional network composed of students, professors, and other Redstone employees. I want to learn as much as possible from my experiences in college. I’m an excellent candidate to become a part of Redford College because I want to take advantage of my there to learn as much as possible while at the same time helping my fellow classmates in every way possible. Work Cited Page 2011. About Redstone College. 27 February 2011.