Obstacles and Constraints Paper

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It is a common term that is used by ecologists in their study to define the relationships between two or more organisms. Mutualistic is a term that is used to define a relationship between two organisms, in which they co-exist with the help of each other. In this case of relationship, both the organisms’ co exit in a mutual way, both of them gain benefits from each other, there is no organism that is at harm. Commensalistic is a term that is used to describe a relationship is which there one party who is benefitting is and then there is one party that is not benefiting at all. The two parties are existing together in a mutual way, and one is gaining advantage from the other while the other is gaining no benefit or no disadvantage as well. Parasitism is a term that is used when both the parties exist mutually but one party is living off the other. One of the parties derives benefits from the other party and the other party is getting harmed by the benefits. Competition in this both the parties try to exist mutually but then they fail due to the fact that both of them try to gain benefits but none of them gains anything out of it. In this both the parties end up harming each other. While the final form is Neutralism, in this both the parties remain unaffected and neither benefits nor is disadvantaged. In a good sense, the relation between the policy maker and the agent of implementation is an mutualistic relation. They can both function together in a mutual way and benefit each other. In this case, a policy designer is the person who designs policies, he designs policies keeping in mind the actual requirements of the city, now after he has done designing he expects that the policy implementer would implement it as it is and make amends only when required not on his personal opinion. When the relationship is bad then, we can say that there exists a Competition type of relationship, both try to implement and have their choice implemented, this way the general masses get no advantage out if it and they both end up harming their own reputations and their own egos (Amos, 1988). In this case the government has faced a serious lack of implementation, they ordered a step but then refrained funding. It should have happened that the government should have actually provided the funds that were enough to sustain and maintain the police force. When such high amount of force is added, there is a need to accommodate their salaries, the ammunitions that is being provided to them and the uniforms that has to be provided. These are some of the basic things that have to be provided. The government had provided for the first timers only, later there was no release of funds which actually became a burden (Amos, 1988). There are many financial constraints that are involved when any policy or any project is to be implanted. The budget is divided according to the requirements of the projects. But usually the prices are underestimated. It has also been seen many times that the government or the higher officials do not allow the money to trickle down enough to be sufficient. Many a times the sanctioning of the budgets take up a lot of time and hence the projects are stalled a lot. There is always a serious need of training for the police officers that were hired. the government did not fund the training. When new people are hired they need to be trained. This is the