Observation of a Child in Middle Childhood

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When his friend, Alvin arrived, he hurriedly ran to him and said, Heyyyy!!!! You’re here!!! then he signaled to Alvin to climb the monkey bars with him. Very expertly, he and Alvin who is 6 years old advanced to the monkey bars and climbed to the top and perched there for some minutes, swinging their legs while holding on to the bars. From afar, it was observed that he and Alvin were animatedly talking and laughing and pointing at some of their friends whom they called to join them. No one joined them, so he and Alvin climbed down and started running around. Alvin got the last tricycle available and Michael told him he will have his turn on it after Alvin has had his rounds. Meanwhile, Michael stopped at the easel boards and watched Patty painting. He was overheard saying, Wow! Nice colors! Are there any more brushes and paper? Patty said something to make Michael run to the adult nearby handing out materials. He got what he needed and took the easel behind Patty’s. For some minutes, Michael was quiet, engaged deeply in his painting. First, he drew a red truck with his paintbrush and a yellow sun on top of it. He filled the outline with paint and when he was done, put his brush down to admire his work. Alvin came around and told him it was Michael’s turn but Michael said Nah… you go one more round if you want… I’m going there! pointing to the slide. … When Alvin looked at him, he accidentally bumped into a rock and his tricycle toppled down. Michael ran to him and helped him up. He was seen brushing off some dirt from Alvin’s arm and asked if he was ok. Like a fine young gentleman, he assisted Alvin in walking although Alvin did not seem hurt at all. The bell rang. Michael and Alvin went straight to the door back to their classroom. Analysis: Michael’s play in the playground revealed much about his development. For a seven-year-old boy, he seemed to exhibit skills appropriate for his developmental level. He is very agile as he moved from one spot to another, displaying his good gross motor skills, balance and body coordination. His limbs are proportional to his size as his legs swiftly carry him to where he wants to go. His fine motor skills were also observed in his sand play and painting activities, as he uses his fingers to form the sand into a shape he has designed in his head and as he holds the paintbrush with a tripod grip and directs it to the direction he wants in order to produce the picture he wants which was a fire truck. Intent on his work, he displays good focus and eye-hand coordination. At the time of observation, he seemed to be a healthy little boy with no sign of illness or disease. His skin was clear and he was very well-groomed in his clean clothes. Michael also shows cognitive competencies. He is able to translate the ideas in his mind into concrete creations such as the volcano made out of the sand and his fire truck painting. He also communicates clearly to his peers and is able to join in discussions without difficulty.