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Pomeranz, J. S. Stephen, D. T., Stephen, D. S., Lainie, R and Kelly, D. B. (2009). Innovative legal approaches to address obesity. Quarterly , 87 , 185-213.
The author is researcher at Yale University, Rudd centre for food policy and obesity. This article connects development in public health and nutrition with legal advances so as to define promising avenues for preventing obesity through the application of law. In this paper, 2 sets of raw approaches are direct application of law to factors that contribute to obesity and innovative legal solution to address inefficiencies in the current regulatory policies to control obesity. Limiting children food marketing, confronting the potential addictive properties of food, compelling industry speech, regulating conduct using litigation, considering performance based regulations as an alternative to regulatory actions, preemption are examples of such strategies. This paper will help you to know which law policies are in place, the gaps in regulatory policies and new innovative ones that can be put in place to address the problem.
The practical guide identification,evaluation and treatment of overweight and obesity in adults. NHLBI obesity education initiative. Retrieved from
The authors of this handbook are knowledgeable people in diverse fields eg physiology, physical exercise, physician, primary care, clinical nutrition and surgeons from different Universities. The book gives clinical guidelines on identification,evaluation and treatment strategies. This guideline will equip you with tools you need to effectively know how to identify and manage obesity in an efficient manner.
Whitaker, R. W., Wright, J. A, Pepe, M. S., Seidel, K. D and Dietz, W. H. (1993). Predicting obesity in young children become obese adults? Prev.Med. , 22, 167-177.
This paper explains the role of genetics in obesity. This knowledge is good as it will give you a good background on genetic basis of obesity.
William, H. D., Donald, E. B and Alicia, S. H. (2009). Public health law and the prevention and control of obesity CDC. The milbank quartery,Vol.87 (1), 215-227.
This paper identifies actionable options that sectors and organizations at various jurisdictional levels can consider adopting. The findings from this paper have shown that law pays a critical role in control of chronic diseases and the behaviors that lead to them. This paper will familiarize you with some of these actionable options which can be exploited.
Angelo, D. P. (2010). Definitions and classfication of obesity. Pfizer Inc.
The author, medical doctor, senior director medical lead academic medicine, specialty care business unit.The main areas covered here are, classification of obesity and etymology, diagnosis techniques, epidemiology and mortality. This Paper equips you with substantial background information on the obesity. It also explains that obesity can be a phenotype of some diseases.

Peter, T. l., Louis, P., Robert, M. M and Claude, B. (1999). Seven year stability of indicators of obesity and adipose tissue distribution in the canadian population. American journal of clinical nutrition , 69 (6), 1123-1129.
This paper is published in a credible journal.This study was carried out to examine the stability of adipository and adipose tissue distribution.It points out a number of of obesity indicators you may employ in you study.
WHO. (2000, Feb.). The Asia pacific perspective:Redifining obesity and its treatment.
WHO is a credibile organisation.The articles proposes new criteria to define obesity in different geographical areas. As BMI and waist circumfrence may not abe appropriate in in some geographical areas.This may point to you new areas of research,The paper also explains economic costs, health consequences ,prevention and treatment.
Teret, S. (1986). Litigating for public health. American journal of public health , 76, 1027-29.
Litigation as an innovative strategy is well articulated. This paper explains to you how litigation has been successfully used to address health problems.
WHO. (2011, Mar.). Obesity and overweight fact sheets. Retrieved from
The article summarizes definition of obesity, facts about obesity, associated risk factors, effect of obesity strategy for prevention and control. It is a credible site, relevant and recently updated. This paper presents an indispensable work for anybody who wants to do research on obesity.
Lee, J.M. (1973). The form of a reductio ad absurdum. Notre Dame journal of formal logic , 14, 381-386.
The author explains a mode of argumentation which will help you to present your arguments clearly.