Obesity in Children

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As the discussion stresses&nbsp.morbidly obese children also suffer from emotional distress as a result they develop profuse eating habits and feel delighted if they get all the eatables they wish for, thereby developing a tendency to eat constantly and still remain dissatisfied even after consuming a large full meal. It is observed that children consume junk food items and snacks, containing high proportion of fat, salt and sugar contributing to the obesity. The most favorite food items for kids of present epoch are ice creams, soda pop, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, pizza, French fries made of potatoes rich in starch, milk shakes containing excessive sugar, chips, and candy bars. These food items are devoid of fibers and are rich in fats and cholesterol. Instead of consuming raw vegetables and fruits children of the present era like to opt for juice with sugar, as fibers are being strained out from these juices they are devoid of providing nutrition that could act as roughage.&nbsp.
This paper discusses that&nbsp.the life style and schedule also paves the way for bad eating habits. Working parents get little time for their children to train them for developing good eating habits. Parents leave little time for attending the kids and discussing with them their issues and concerns, their likes and dislikes.&nbsp.Working mother seldom gets time to cook food for their kids and thereby forcing the kids to opt for the readymade food stuff available in the market.