Nurse Educator Philosophy Statement

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Assessment InstructionsFor this assessment, develop your own nurse educator philosophy statement. Identify your beliefs and values regarding the adult learner, learning environment, and teaching strategies and applicable learning theories that you will use as an educator. Address how this philosophy will guide you in the tripartite roles of a nurse educator—how it will guide your teaching, scholarship, and service. Support your philosophy with your knowledge of historical events that are pertinent to your work. In addition, identify the competencies that you see as critical to your role.In sum, your philosophy statement should guide your practice as a nurse educator.Your educator philosophy statement should do the following: Identify the area of nursing education or the area in health care in which you will apply your MSN, education specialization skills, and knowledge. Formulate your nurse educator philosophy statement, which should comprise your beliefs and values regarding the adult learner, learning environment, and teaching strategies and applicable learning theories that you will use as an educator. Apply your philosophy statement to each of the tripartite roles of the nurse educator. What does your philosophy mean for your approach to teaching, scholarship, and service? As you discuss the role of teacher, be sure to address any theories (adult learning theory, learner-center education, and others) that shape your approach as an educator. Analyze the relationship of significant historical events that have shaped the role you seek to fill. Analyze the most essential nurse educator competencies necessary for this MSN-prepared nurse educator. Explain why you selected the competencies you did. Conclude with a summary.Additional RequirementsYour assessment should meet the following requirements: Written communication: Written communication should be free of grammar and spelling errors that distract from the content. APA format: Use correct APA format, including running head, page numbers, and a title page. Citations and references (if used) are to be in correct APA format. Format: Submit your assessment as a Word document. Length: 3–5double-spaced pages, not including thetitle page and references page. Font and font size:Times New Roman or Arial, 12 point.wk3SG.docx_assessment_3_context.pdfPosted: 7 minutes agoDue: 27/11/2019Budget: $15Tags: MSN Answers 0Bids 51Quality AssignmentsMath GuruuThe quA lityWIZARD_KIMAmanda SmithEmily BluntPROF_TOMMYJamie Ackerjim claireHomework Prouniversity workDr shamille ClaraQuickly answer RESPECT WRITERElprofessoriJessica LuisDr R Judy MarkCatherine OwensPaula Hogkim woodsRey writerPhd isaac newtonTalentedtutorErick TylerSophia Milesabdul_rehman_RasWriterbrilliant answersEmily MichaelDexterMastersimhmd.fBeaverlybennetsandovaDr Candice_2547Terry RobertsMiss Professorphyllis youngWendy LewisSamann060wizard kimmagz64Dr. ElahiDr.Sanam sheikhperfectoansRohanMary Warnock PhDCasey CeliaSaad FahimJenny BoomSaburBUnique_ProfOther questions 10TimelineI need someone help me in biology quizWEEK 2 DUE TOMM AT 8 PM MOUNTAIN TIMEfix my essay I want a good accounting work based on the requirement i haveinternation business questionsIarchitecture helpElderly in Prisonread a case and write an analysis essayNot ratedClass#3Assessment#3See attachment.27/11/201915appliedsciences