Nurse as Educator Principles of Teaching and Learning for Nursing Practice

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This was in relation to the competency of a nurse educator of interaction with the faculty according to the National League of Nursing ( This committee meeting took place in the boardroom of the college of nursing and was chaired by the dean himself. The meeting was attended by the chairpeople of the departments and the rest of the teaching faculty in the college of nursing. The meeting began on time as scheduled though even twenty minutes after the meeting had already commenced some of the faculty members were still arriving. A few of those late comers did not even bother with apologies but rather sat down noisily and proceeded with the meeting. The rest were however courteous enough to even provide a brief reason to explain the cause of their lateness which was accompanied by an apology. As expected, once the chairpersons and Dean started talking, there was total silence indicating respect for authority but this was just initially. Once the debate started heating up, the meeting became rowdy with a lot of blame game going on and nobody accepting any liability including even the authority figures in the meeting. The lower authority staff were actually hauling words at each other and the meeting moved from the professional side to take a more personal side with people bringing their personal issues in the debate and for longer than twenty minutes, nothing fruitful was discussed. The chaos, however, came to almost an abrupt end once the dean (who was quiet all the while observing) raised his voice to command peace (Stachowiak and Bugel, 2013). I also attended a lecture with the aim of identifying the teaching strategies used by the educator during the lesson and also identify the reaction of the students to what is being taught in order to gather whether they werelearning anything or not.