Numb by Linking Park

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The precise definition of humanities is a bit controversial, to say the least but more or less its core has entailed of a number of subjects which might include something from literature, literary criticism as well as comparative literature and also includes the study of religion, law and jurisprudence, music and musicology and last but not the least culture and its different area studies.The song chosen for the discussion of humanities here is that of Linkin Park from their second album titled Meteora. The song’s name is Numb. The lyrics and music arrangement for the song are such that it gives a meaning of numbness on the part of the person delivering the message. (Meteora, 2006) There is a sense of connection between the person who is spelling the irony which is cast upon him and the society that is experiencing more or less the same kind of attitude. In fact, the manifestation has been shown to be true among different cultures of the world where suffering and pain are an inherent feature of their day to day lives. (Classen, 2006) The song is about not caring, being pushed to the end limits from where a sense of understanding and belief is thrown out of the window. There is so much pressure that as human beings, we have become numb to so much that has been happening around us. More on that, we see that the pressure leaves a lot of the people to get succumbed under easily but having said the same here we find that this person has a totally different perspective on what is the norm in a society, in civilization and just about anything that he experiences. The road ahead is full of potholes and craters and the pressure has taken so much toil on him that he starts feeling as if this pressure and pain are a part of him. There is no more pain than he can feel and the lyrics suggest that All I want to do/ Is be more like me/ And be less like you (Absolute Lyrics, 2007) which means that no matter how hard one tries, the pain is just not going to hurt him anymore as now he has become a stone-hearted individual, feeling nothing but pain and pain becoming a part of his self so to speak.