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(This document must be attached as an appendix to the professional, scholarly paper explaining what you are doing. Include title page, headings, introduction, body of paper, summary and at least three current, relevant references. All information in this form below must be professional, complete sentences in APA format)Appendix A: Scope Statement  Organization’s Name:Project’s Name: Project Manager:Sponsor(s), Title:Organizational Priority (High, Medium, Low):______________________________________________________________________Mission Statement:Measureable Project Objectives – (Use 5 W’s and H. Sipes, 2016):Justification of Project:Implementation Strategy:Project Resources – Human and Technical:Completion Date:Measures of Success – Include all Metrics:Assumptions:Constraints: APPROVALS Print or Type Name Signature Date Project Manager Approval: Owner or Sponsor Title and Approval: This document must be approved by sponsor before submission to Dropbox