NR631 week 1 SR

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respondFYI: This is feedback from student to my PICOT question.Hi , and thank you for your post! I am an innovator with technology at my current place of work with technology and design new aspects and tools with our EMR to make our practice run smoother, so I am quite excited to read more about your project over the next eight weeks. There are a lot of challenges with implementing new technologies and changes. The first time I tried to make changes, I received significant push back, and needed to find ways of over coming it. One of the best ways I’ve found to garner staff buy-in is to make the change a) pertinent to their job and b) pertinent to their patient outcomes. For example, if we can demonstrate that the change will improve patient safety, nurses will be more likely to adopt the change because patient safety is something they care about.What do you think, given the scenario, will be the biggest barriers to implementing this system? Will it need to be a system that is created as a standalone, or will it be integrated into the current EMR if there is one? Thank you for your insights!08/05/20207nursing