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News Assignment Part Mayor Villaraigosa finally appoints Charles Beck to head the Los Angeles Police Department at Getty House — Deputy Chief Charles Beck wins the race to the post of the next Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department (Ewton, 2007).Part 2To cover the story on the appointment of Deputy Chief Charles Beck, an interview needs to be arranged with Charles Beck to analyze his progressive reforms. how he controlled gang violence in the city. Interview can reveal Beck’s way of functioning in becoming a coalition builder of most risk-prone neighborhoods. It needs to highlight his innovative leadership traits, paving the way to his appointment to the rank of the Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department (Beltran, 2009).Story on the appointment of Charles Beck can not be completed without conducting an interview with the Mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa, who made the selection of Beck very judiciously. He will be inquired on his selection parameters while consulting various stakeholders of the Los Angeles society, including business, religious and community leaders who offered the Mayor their recommendations to select Beck as the next Police Chief, as the various communities in LA expected in their next Chief of Police. His discussion with high profile dignitaries will form part of the interview for the critical inputs given by them to justify the name of Beck to the highest post of LA Police Department (Beltran, 2009). Reading the message of Beck about three years later on the overall situation of LA, one feels satisfied that the Mayor has selected a right person to the highest post of the Police Department (Beck, 2012). ReferencesBeck, Charles. (2012). Chief of Police Message – June 2012. Retrieved from, Z. (2007, Apr 14). How to write a news lead: craft a lead that will hook readers and wont let go. Yahoo! Contributor Network. Retrieved from, D. (2009, November 3). Press Release: Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa City of Los Angeles. Retrieved from