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Discuss the portions or proposals of this chapter that you agree and disagree with. Please post your ideas below (1) and reply to two (2) other comments in order to participate in the online discussion. Total will be one page around, the two replies of comments can be few sentences.Potential discussion points:Chapter 1: Name some theories, from any area of life or study, and articulate what makes them a “theory.” What does it mean to be a theory compared to an idea, hypothesis, or belief?Other metaphors for theory? (e.g. a cooking pan, etc.)Chapter 1 Lecture: The Dobler-Dahmer Theory: Bang Theory Penny Solved String Theory: comments need to reply:1. I have previous knowledge on the “Social Exchange Theory” I have seen it exemplified in many movies. What I know about this theory, is it revolves around the cost of an action, followed by the reward or the outcome of that action. An example of this would be, if a boy asked a girl on a date (the action) the girl responds with yes (the reward). I understand that this is a theory becuase 1. the message is being analyzed by others, 2. there was a creation of messages being delivered, 3. the message was interpreted, 4. there was a response delivered back to the communicator. This theory is similar to a hypothesis because the prediction of the outcome could have been different. For example, if the girl chose to decline his offer to go on a date.2. My definition of theory is something that is believed to have happened. I am curious though, is it the same thing as an opinion? A theory does not necessarily have a right answer. I would compare it more to an assumption. For example, there is a theory that Katy Perry is JonBennet Ramsey because they look identical. JonBennet Ramsey was murdered 20 years ago and there is a theory that she did not really die and just gave up her original name for fame. In the book a metaphor for theories would be maps. because they like maps they help us understand unfamiliar places.