Newjack By Ted Conover

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Firstly, Conover proves that where there is a will, there is a way. And secondly, his example through this book creation shows that whatever happens to a human being happens for a better cause. The author’s proposal of profiling a new recruit for journalistic purposes was first rejected, which prompted him to apply for the position himself and after a substantial wait of two years, he finally got a call from the defense offices.Ted Conover would not have been able to create a better picture than this if he was profiling a new recruit, as was his original plan. The book in itself is a masterpiece of emotions that are least expected from people in the military. This review will focus on the working personality of Conover, how he develops it, and how it is ideal for new recruits to follow his example in the context of protecting the inmates of Sing Sing people. Needless to say, the whole book is filled with the undying spirit of journalism that prompted Conover to take up the training in the first place. As a result, readers find a sudden burst of energy and inquiry right from the first page of the book, which stays as it is, and grows deeper with every passing chapter, till the book ends. This gripping read that Conover has created comes from his tendency to observe and report facts as it is, and is as factual as it can get. Therefore, in addition to the genuine energy that the book shares, there is also a strong convincing tone in this book which proclaims that the incidents narrated are real and have affected the writer extremely. The reader experiences this fact as he progresses through the book.Basing on the factual depiction of his experiences, the reader for the first time experiences life in a training and a prison, that provides deep insights into the New York state’s administrative and judiciary system. The overall seriousness of the camps, the hundred different types of policing services, the bullies, the recruitment processes.