New Restaurant in Summerlin Area Las Vegas

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The strength of the project lies in its concept. At the same time, the promoter has limited experience in the field. This need not be considered as a drawback, because he is backed up by his family which has rich experience in the business for more than a decade. The various communities in the area need changes and varieties in restaurants in tune with the changing lifestyles. The business in a niche market segment with limited competition has the potential to grow in the long run with a chain of restaurants of the same type. However, unless the company establishes its quality and service levels within a year, other existing companies in the restaurant sector will encroach into this segment.The main objective is to provide a different restaurant experience to the clients by providing quality food which differs in taste and flavor compared to the food provided by others.To make the service more efficient, online booking and door delivery system will be put in place. This is also expected to reduce the crowd level within the restaurant.Providing food at a reasonable price needs a cost-effective procurement policy.Maintaining the highest level of standards and efficiency in operations to achieve the above objectives and build-up reputation, in the long run, are the overall objectives.The strategic management decision involves selection of a suitable location and a building for the restaurant based on various factors such as the size of the building, approach roads, and parking area. The interior work and other infrastructure facilities for kitchen, dining halls, and reception should be made within 3 months to prevent others from pursuing the same idea. Arrangements will be made for procurement from the established suppliers who are already supplying to similar restaurants in other cities. Thereafter, the establishment of an online and door delivery system should be undertaken.