New poduct for WALKERS CRISPS

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When the company started, its first flavours released to the market were cheese and onion flavours. Currently, Walkers has introduced very many types of flavours in the potato crisps produced and this has attracted a lot of customers who appreciate the different tastes that come in the different flavours.Due to its vast numbers in its customers, Walkers has proved to be a company that can accommodate the introduction of new products. Therefore, I propose introduction of Walkers Fresh Juice production and sale. Despite the beverages sold in the PepsiCo. Inc, the company does not produce fresh juice. With its huge acres of land for farming potatoes for the manufacture of crisps, I feel this company can use part of that land to grow fruits that can be used to make the fresh juice.For a company that is currently aiming to produce and sell healthy foodstuff, it is my strong belief that making fresh juice for sale will serve this purpose while attracting a great number of customers who are already loyal to Walker’s crisps company. It is also part of PepsiCo’s mission, to be the global company for production of consumer products that will produce the best foods and beverages. (BOONE et al 2011).One of the growing trends in the United Kingdom in food production is the desire by the consumers to have healthy and safe snacks. According to recent studies and research projects, it has been noted that a high number of people are much interested in natural and healthy drinks and also foods. An example is how fat content and even salt has been reduced in the manufacture of some snacks so as to respond to the issues that have been raised concerning health.( GREAT BRITAIN 2004).This trend has been accelerated by the government of the United Kingdom, when it put strict regulations in labelling of nutritional value of foods and beverages as a measure of controlling obesity in the country. In this market, there has been a lot of emphasis to the manufacturers to use