New Horizons in Standardized Work

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Process improvement manager is responsible for designing policies necessary for meeting procedure related objectives of a business. The manager is responsible for creating, updating and approving work protocols and procedures with the aim of improving performance for customer satisfaction. For effective process management, a process management team offers assistance and, thus, creating high levels of individual and institutional operation standards. The roles of the process improvement manager are fourfold. namely planning the performance objectives of the organization, communicating the objectives of the developed plan to operational managers, analyzing the process improvement data and acting on the analysis in order to develop better operational strategies and introduce effective process improvement tools (Dumas, Reichert, amp. Shan, 2008). In planning, the manager is the only person with a mandate to make changes in the operational processes of an organization to achieve the effect. He develops a business plan as a source of guidance to help in understanding the short and long-term needs of the company and the customers. These are then developed into process performance objectives and the establishment of the product in accordance with the requirements and customer needs. Performance metrics are applied to identify the level of the process capability in meeting the objectives of the organization and product specification.