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Mr. M., a 70-year-old male, has been living at the assisted living facility where you work. He has no know allergies. He is a nonsmoker and does not use alcohol. Limited physical activity related to difficulty ambulating and unsteady gait. Medical history includes hypertension controlled with ACE inhibitors, hypercholesterolemia, status post appendectomy, and tibial fracture status postsurgical repair with no obvious signs of complications. Current medications include Lisinopril 20mg daily, Lipitor 40mg daily, Ambien 10mg PRN, Xanax 0.5 mg PRN, and ibuprofen 400mg PRN.Case ScenarioOver the past 2 months, Mr. M. seems to be deteriorating quickly. He is having trouble recalling the names of his family members, remembering his room number, and even repeating what he has just read. He is becoming agitated and aggressive quickly. He appears to be afraid and fearful when he gets aggressive. He has been found wandering at night and will frequently become lost, needing help to get back to his room. Mr. M has become dependent with many ADLs, whereas a few months ago he was fully able to dress, bathe, and feed himself. The assisted living facility is concerned with his rapid decline and has decided to order testing.Objective Data1. Temperature: 37.1 degrees C2. BP 123/78 HR 93 RR 22 Pox 99%3. Denies pain4. Height: 69.5 inches; Weight 87 kgLaboratory Results1. WBC: 19.2 (1,000/uL)2. Lymphocytes 6700 (cells/uL)3. CT Head shows no changes since previous scan4. Urinalysis positive for moderate amount of leukocytes and cloudy5. Protein: 7.1 g/dL; AST: 32 U/L; ALT 29 U/LCritical Thinking EssayIn 900-words, critically evaluate Mr. M.’s situation. Include the following:1. Describe the clinical manifestations present in Mr. M.1. Based on the information presented in the case scenario, discuss what primary and secondary medical diagnoses should be considered for Mr. M. Explain why these should be considered and what data is provided for support.2. When performing your nursing assessment, discuss what abnormalities would you expect to find and why.3. Describe the physical, psychological, and emotional effects Mr. M.’s current health status may have on him. Discuss the impact it can have on his family.4. Discuss what interventions can be put into place to support Mr. M. and his family.5. Given Mr. M.’s current condition, discuss at least four actual or potential problems he faces. Provide rationale for each.You are required to cite 2 sources to complete this assignment. Sources must be published within the last 5 years and appropriate for the assignment criteria and relevant to nursing practice. Also, you must have a conclusion with a minimum of 5 sentences to wrap up the case study.Posted: 6 months agoDue: 14/07/2019Budget: $12Answers 1Phd christine4.7 (162)4.6 (3k )Chat6 months agoPurchase the answer to view itXL-4209507-F.zipTry it first(plagiarism check)Buy answer $12Bids 49kite_solWendy LewisJessica LuisWIZARD_KIMbrilliant answersBill_WilliamsENS. writerkim woodsAngelina MayDr Mervin M.Catherine OwensRESPECT WRITERwizard kimTerry RobertsProSuperiorperfectoJOHN JUNIOR001Dr shamille ClarakatetutormbithehPhd christineJenny BoomMiss ProfessorRey writerDr Candice_2547nadia tutorProf.MacQueenDr Nawazishtutor-mitchellephyllis youngwork solutionsSara WaynesansRohanDrNicNgaoPh.D A GradeMadam Josephineimhmd.fsarapaul2013Tiny ChrisEmily ClarePROFJUMAAATalented WriterDr AleenanyamaimuleimtrqhasibKIBBZMORIAMalik TutorKathy.84Emily MichaelOther questions 10Daven Port University Accounting Project FALL 2014 (ACCT 510) Suppose you were going to create your own study to examine what course-delivery format (online, blended, or face-to-face) leads to the best performance in a psychological statistics class. In a paper identify the following for your study:Develop a C programUS HistoryMeasuring Quality Sericeeco 561PSY101 MODULE 3 CASE: STRESS AND COPINGPediatrics Articleneed help with LINUX scriptsweek2Rated 1 timesCase Study: Mr. M.Rated 1 timesnursingCase Study: Mr. M.It is necessary for an RN-BSN-prepared nurse to demonstrate an enhanced understanding of the pathophysiological processes of disease, the clinical manifestations and …Not ratedCase study in NursingNot ratedCase Study: Mr. M.It is necessary for an RN-BSN-prepared nurse to demonstrate an enhanced understanding of the pathophysiological processes of disease, the clinical manifestations and treatment protocols, and …Not ratedCase Study: Mr. MEvaluate the Health History and Medical Information for Mr. M., presented below.Based on this information, formulate a conclusion based on your evaluation, and complete the Critical Thinking …Blog ArchiveCopyright © 2019 Read MoreApplied SciencesArchitecture and DesignBiologyBusiness & FinanceChemistryComputer ScienceGeographyGeologyEducationEngineeringEnglishEnvironmental scienceSpanishGovernmentHistoryHuman Resource ManagementInformation SystemsLawLiteratureMathematicsNursingPhysicsPolitical SciencePsychologyReadingScienceSocial Science window.__REDUX__STATE__ = ‘{“appMeta”:{“serverRendered”:true},”apiRequests”:{“pendingRequestCount”:0,”succeededRequestCount”:4,”failedRequestCount”:0,”requestCounters”:{“GET_FIELDS_PENDING”:0,”GET_ENTITY_PENDING”:0,”GET_FIELDS_SUCCESS”:1,”GET_ENTITY_SUCCESS”:1,”GET_SIMILAR_QUESTIONS_PENDING”:0,”GET_OTHER_QUESTIONS_PENDING”:0,”GET_OTHER_QUESTIONS_SUCCESS”:1,”GET_SIMILAR_QUESTIONS_SUCCESS”:1}},”currentUserMeta”:{“id”:0,”isGuest”:true,”isReceivingEmails”:null,”authMethod”:null,”approvalTicket”:null,”fees”:null,”disputesAmount”:null,”earningsStats”:{“questions”:{“totalPurchases”:0,”totalIncome”:0},”tutorials”:{“totalPurchases”:0,”totalIncome”:0}}},”modal”:{},”joyride”:{“steps”:[]},”users”:{“guest-0”:{“role”:”student”,”isGuest”:true}},”usersStatuses”:{},”usersThreads”:{},”usersReviews”:{},”usersQuestions”:{},”reviewsPage”:{“results”:[]},”reviews”:{},”answersReviews”:{},”threads”:{},”questions”:{“1442885”:{“body”:”Jump Drives\”Please respond to the following:Consider security, mobility, and storage capacity, and explain whether you would use a jump drive for your educational or professional purposes. …”,”id”:1442885,”title”:”week2″,”isTutorial”:false,”isEssay”:false,”due”:”2014-10-15T00:00:00.000Z”,”budget”:3,”fieldOfStudyId”:1700,”userId”:174254,”published”:true,”newBids”:0,”createdAt”:”2014-10-14T07:40:56.000Z”,”fieldOfStudy”:{“id”:1700,”name”:”Computer Science”,”anchor”:”Computer Science”,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z”,”path”:{“id”:5886179,”path”:”/fields/computer-science”,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:false,”createdAt”:”2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z”}},”path”:{“id”:403060,”path”:”/content/week2-1442885-2″,”sitemap”:true,”amp”:true,”createdAt”:”2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z”},”rating”:{“id”:972015,”grade”:100,”num”:2,”createdAt”:”2018-03-18T08:20:56.000Z”}},”1443237″:{“body”:”Script #1Create a shell script that searches all of your users home directories documents for words like bomb, kill, <your name<, quit, steal. Have the script report to the screen the …","id":1443237,"title":"need help with LINUX scripts","isTutorial":false,"isEssay":false,"due":"2014-10-15T11:59:00.000Z","budget":15,"fieldOfStudyId":1700,"userId":263433,"published":true,"newBids":0,"createdAt":"2014-10-14T09:47:46.000Z","fieldOfStudy":{"id":1700,"name":"Computer Science","anchor":"Computer Science","createdAt":"2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z","path":{"id":5886179,"path":"/fields/computer-science","sitemap":true,"amp":false,"createdAt":"2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z"}},"path":{"id":403124,"path":"/content/need-help-linux-scripts","sitemap":true,"amp":true,"createdAt":"2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z"}},"1444729":{"body":"Hello, I am looking for help for the following assignment.PreparationStep One: Read the AAP Policy Statement located in the Classroom Resources folder. Make some …","id":1444729,"title":"Pediatrics Article","isTutorial":false,"isEssay":true,"due":"2014-10-17T12:00:00.000Z","budget":40,"fieldOfStudyId":1000,"userId":160742,"published":true,"newBids":0,"createdAt":"2014-10-14T14:06:51.000Z","fieldOfStudy":{"id":1000,"name":"Psychology","anchor":"Psychology","createdAt":"2017-09-06T03:15:16.000Z","path":{"id":5886165,"path":"/fields/psychology","sitemap":true,"amp":false,"createdAt":"2017-12-24T22:55:21.000Z"}},"path":{"id":403300,"path":"/content/pediatrics-article","sitemap":true,"amp":true,"createdAt":"2017-09-06T03:23:07.000Z"}},"1446559":{"body":"Module 3 - CaseSTRESS AND COPINGTwo months after his wedding, your friend Tom confides in you that he's unhappy in his marriage. He tells you that he and his wife seem to be fighting all the time, …14/07/201912nursing