Network Design Consultation

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As for the server Windows server 2008 operating system would have to be installed, this is because the server would be used to manage the entire network. Because Windows Server 2008 is well designed to configure the networks as well as manage files and security settings it will be then recommended as compares to convectional operating systems because it has been optimized to manage a networked environment.
To ensure the security of the network from outside intrusion a firewall would be most essential to handle cases of outside intrusion (Davis, 2004). In this case the option of using the inbuilt firewalls that come with the operating system may be used or alternatively a third party firewall maybe procured.
For the network to operate a suitable network architecture has to be put into consideration (Hallberg, 2010). In this case a star topology will deployed due to the following reasons: first of all since the network would be managed centrally, cases on interruption upon a nodes’ failure would not disrupt the entire network.
Secondly a star topology allows for easy expansion, for instance a technique called daisy chaining can be deployed whereby another switch can be connected to the main switch as another node and serve as a center of a second star topology (Sean Walberg, 2010). Since in this case one topology is deployed our network infrastructure will be illustrated as follows.
The device wireless access point will have to be enabled so that the router can propagate wires signals. Secondly SSID (Service Set Identifier) will have to be set to default as well as allow for broadcast of SSID to associate in order to allow for wireless devices to detect the network when they come within range.
Chanel settings allows one to select between the available channels offered by the router in our case 11 channels are available, this is