Negative Impact of Technology

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In the work of Tenner, he gives an example of how a computerized office would be more costly as opposed to a non-digitalized one (215). In as much the management would be aiming at increasing efficiency in the workplace, the management may be required to hire more specialists to maintain the new software and hardware introduced by technology (217, 266).Conclusively, Tenner and I are in the same school of thought that argues that an introduction of new aspects requires that individuals be tutored on how to deal with the new technology. This means that a lot of energy will be used to bring an entire system back to normal, as new persons are forced to adjust to the novel technology in the system.As Cowan disputes, technology has not made work easier for women but has actually reduced them to inventors of new solutions, I agree with her sentiments (52). As she complains about the women suffering negative consequences as a result of technology, I complain and share the opinion of sportsmen, office managers, medical practitioners, environmental resource managers that touches on pests, animal and plant introduction into the ecosystem.From an analysis of Cowan’s work, an intensification of technology into the society results in more problems for the users of the technological ‘products’ (237). Cowan indicates that women have been forced to work more as opposed to the times when they operated without machines like microwaves (4).Additionally, from Cowan’s work, I am justified to argue that technology creates more persistent problems that require human beings to reinvent solutions to the chronic problems. As Cowan believes life gets worse by the day, I agree with her argument (13).