Need Paper 4 pages APA format 5th edition 8 reference

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Please take the healthcare industry applying the business technological innovation, you want to explore more innovative tools and be able to enhance and optimize your strategies to compete in healthcare. In order to accomplish this task, you need to perform an analysis using quantitative and qualitative measures to determine the proper course of action. Will this require your firm to collaborate with external stakeholders? In addition and being a proactive and forward thinker, you want to bring on new products and services. Explain what you would do to accomplish this and how you would deploy such a strategy?Paper should consists ofAbstractIntroductionCurrent Practices in Healthcare sectorMarket Research and AnalysisResearch MethodologySample Reserach QuestionsResearch QuestionsInterview Questions and AnswersMeasures to initate innovationFinding and ConclusionsReferences29/04/202020businessfinance