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Certificates of Participation are formed when the government first creates a corporation to buy land and or build a facility.
a. True b. False According to your text, which of the following is NOT one of the reasons why cities began to
subsidize professional franchises in the 1950s? a. A rapid population growth in the West and South b. Development of air conditioning c. Development of interstate highway systems and air travel
cl. Development of the television How did Oriole Park at Camden Yards and the Palace at Auburn Hills change professional sport?
a Their ability to attract new franchises to their cities
Their financial success through the sale of luxury suites and retro style renovations b.
c. The athletic performances during the 19805 and 1990s.
d. Their ability to solicit private funding for their facilities. Economic impact studies use a variety of data concerning the spending habits of visitors who have come to the local community specifically because of the sporting event. Identify which of
the following are the main areas that an economic impact study is looking at.
a. Direct spending b. Indirect and induced spending
c. Assets, cash flow and liabilities
cl. All of the above e. A and B only The first step in contemplating scheduling and booking a facility is a. Selecting a scheduling computer program
b. Training staff c. Reviewing the venue’s overall philosophy
d. None of the above The presence of a major professional sport team can signal to the rest of the country that a metropolitan area is Big League, rather than merely another mid-sized city. This is an example
of what type of benefit? a. Social b. Financial
c. Psychic d. Economic Which of the following are potential areas to be cognizant of when determining ADA
compliance? a. Parking and entranceways b. Stairs and elevators c. Public restrooms and water fountains d. Railings and signage e. All of the above Management