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CHE3’35 Name:
Practice Final Exam- W20 Initials:
Oregon Tech Dr. Kersten ‘ Section I. BioOrganic Chemistry Basics
Fill in the blank: (1 pt each) 1. structure describes the interactions between neighboring amino acids. 2. The various of the individual amino acids distinguish the chemical properties.
3. Enzymes are a class of proteins that function to 4. A common saying in biochemistry is structure confers 5. are the only biomolecules that are not a type of polymer. Short answer {5 Qtsfeach) 6. Explain the Bicarbonate buffering system in our bodies. Draw out reactions and describe how
the bicarbonate buffering system keeps our blood near a pH of 7.35 when the pKa of carbonic
acid is much lower than 7.35? 7. Identify the ancmeric carbon(s) in the following molecule: CHZOH CHZOt-l 0
OH OH 8. Describe the Central Dogma (of molecular biology/biochemistry). use technical terms (the two
words that start with 1) and describe the processes that they refer to. – Science