Necessity of Training and Development of the Employees

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So, as soon as you’ve covered the basic work-related skills training that is much described in this section – focus on enabling learning and development for people as individuals – which extends the range of development way outside traditional work skills and knowledge, and creates far more exciting, liberating, motivational opportunities – for people and for employers.You might not immediately be able to put great new emphasis on whole-person development. Being realistic, corporate attitudes and expectations about what training is and does cannot be changed overnight, and most organizations still see training as being limited to work skills, classrooms and PowerPoint presentations. However, if you start imagining and thinking and talking about concepts and expressions such as:There are many different training and development methods. On-the-job training, informal training, classroom training, internal training courses, external training courses, on-the-job coaching, life-coaching, mentoring, training assignments and tasks, skills training, product training, technical training, behavioral development training, role-playing and role-play games and exercises, attitudinal training and development, accredited training and learning, distance learning – all part of the training menu, available to use and apply according to individual training needs and organizational training needs.Training is also available far beyond and outside the classroom. More importantly, training – or learning, to look at it from the trainee’s view – is anything offering learning and developmental experience. Training and learning development includes aspects such as ethics and morality. attitude and behavior. leadership and determination, as well as skills and knowledge.Development isn’t restricted to training – its anything that helps a person to grow, inability, skills, confidence, tolerance, commitment, initiative, inter-personal skills, understanding, self-control, motivation, and more.