National Association of School Psychologist

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My first impression of the National Association of School Psychologists website was not a positive one. Visually, the website is a mess. There are too many frame encouraging members and nonmembers to join, register or login. There are far too many images accompanying these requests. They should be less prominent on the home page because they act as a barrier to accessing information. As a first time visitor, I tried to imagine that I was coming to this site seeking important information. All of the relevant information is buried at the left side of the page. I had to search to find what I wanted for quite a while.
That said, once I found what I was looking for, the information was excellent. The links to resources for timely and relevant behaviors such as self-harm and situations such as supporting children in foster care were excellent. Having resources available right on the home page via links is a good idea for a busy professional that is seeking for quick information. Every imaginable category of information is found on the home page. If the categories were organized and displayed more clearly, the site would be an even better resource.
I find it interesting that the first things that catch the eye on this site are the advertisements to join the organization and to register for the annual convention. This gives the website a decidedly commercial feel, rather than a professional feel. The information is very thorough and the access to professional articles is superb, but the presentation of information on the home page is very commercial.