Narrative Exploring Being an African American

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I belong to the African American group. As far as my status within the American society is concerned, I belong to the middle class as I am neither poor nor rich. In terms of my religious identity, I am a Christian who has firm belief in God and Jesus. In relation to my existence in the society, I want to be a good citizen as well as a good human being and all the values attached with a good human being are taught to me by my parents and my African American identity. I am fully aware that I live in a society that is multicultural and multilingual in which, people from different lands are accommodated. Being a part of such a society is a privilege in its own self. I am proud to be a part of such a society where I can enjoy equal rights and equal opportunities towards success. In my group, I find quite loving people who try to take care of each other. I am an African American and I am proud of it. Being an African American in my point of view is a blessing as I belong to a land that is regarded Holy by Orthodox Christians because of its being a Custodian of the Holy Ark of the covenant. My origin’s city Lalibela, which is located in Ethiopia, has a wide number of Ethiopian Orthodox Christians…. All those who have adopted this land as their own after leaving Africa are known as African Americans. I have an origin in Ethiopia, which is also called the Horn of Africa. Ethiopia is one of those lands that are not colonized historically. It is land of palm trees, high mountains and lots of sunshine. We have our own traditional dishes, music and gestures to please people such as we prepare a great recipe called injera, which is a sauce made of either meat, ground grains, beans or vegetables with plenty of spices. Similarly, our traditional music is wide in range such as Amharic and Tigrigna music, R and B, pop, mezmur (Gospel), and Hip Hop. We have our own festivals and events to celebrate in which, we feel pleasure to participate.We as a group believe in family life and continue being in families as through this custom of living together, we can share each other’s happiness and worries and we can help our fellow group members as we understand them better than any other person belonging to any other group. We love each other and give respect to our fellow group members and all other people around us and we also try to accommodate other people interested to share our experiences and customs. I as a Christian teach my children to be a good Christian by following all the duties of religion and by obeying the commands of the religion. My parents also taught me to be a good human being first and then be a good Christian. I follow my parents’ teaching and have transferred my acquired knowledge to my children. African American origin has enriched my being as a person who is related to people who are caring and loving and who try to help people with their good manners and care. They are usually good Christians and try to follow what is advised