Narrative and research

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Abdullah was a bright student. Every time after stepping out of the exam hall, he used to say with a smile, I’ll rank this time also, the paper was so good. The teachers used to praise him so much. He was good at sports even and represented our school for the interschool competitions within the region. He used to take tuitions from the best teachers and he always outshined at every occasion. I could remember that the only thing that was not perfect in his life was the differences between his parents. Abdullah used to live beside my house and I could hear his parents fighting most of the time. A huge car used to come at the school’s gate for picking him from school and my friend used to offer me a ride every day. The way to home was a memorable journey. we used to switch on the music player and then used to talk about our teachers, friends and mocked them. We giggled throughout the way but as soon as the car used to get closer to our home, Abdullah’s smile used to disappear. He never felt comfortable about his parent’s fights which were audible from a distance. I could read the expression on his face which was nervous and ashamed at the same time. Sometimes when his parents fought, he came running to my house asking for a pencil or an eraser, and I could understand that pencil or eraser was just an excuse to stay away from the circumstance in his home. During weekends, when I and my family used to go for an outing and my father used to drive out the car from the garage I noticed Abdullah standing in his balcony and staring at us with a sad face. I felt bad for him but then I was too young to do anything to help him out. He had no sibling and he was the only child of his parents. Often Abdullah used to tell me about his worries and he used to feel upset about those fights. Then gradually Abdullah started performing poorly in the exams. He even started missing the regular classes. When asked, he often replied, I’m not well. One thing must be mentioned in this context. The parents of the new generation focus a lot on the material comfort of their child. As a result the demands of the child grow at a greater pace. Moreover working parents feel guilty that they are not spending sufficient time with their kids. Thus the parents keep expecting that their child will be satisfied if they are offered with the latest gadgets and it would compensate their absence. Thus, the emotional attachment among the new generation kids with their parents can be found to drop at an increasing rate as the kids consider their parents as someone who will meet their demands. The same thing happened with Abdullah. He never had to request his parents for anything. He had all the luxuries and comforts a person can think of except a peaceful and happy life. He rarely talked with his them. Things turned worst when his parents decided to get separated. We were just 13 then and I found Abdullah sitting at a corner of the bench during lunch hours weeping silently. I asked him why he was upset. He said he was unable to decide with whom he should stay for the rest of his life, as he have to choose either his mother or his father, But I love them both, said Abdullah. For the first time I myself felt like crying seeing someone else’s tears. Then Abdullah moved to a different place with his mother and his father stayed beside my house alone. I started missing my friend a lot but time is the best