Napoleon’s Rise and Fall

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Julius Caesar of the Roman Empire was one of them. He had managed in his time to conquer the known parts of the civilized world at the time. He became the king of the world, concurring even the mighty Egypt. However, as he did this, he made enemies both at home and away from home. He was murdered by those who were close to him, and it is required that the person who actually stabbed him was his own best friend and ally Brutus. Adolf Hitler is also another military leader who went down in a similar path. During the World War II, his mighty military was feared by all the nations in the world who were not on his side. He managed to vanquish a good part of the world. Eventfully the nations formed military allies and overpowered him (Shirer, 154). He is said to have taken his own life while other conspiracy theories argue that he never committed the suicide but exiled himself to Latin America when he lived mediocre life until his death in old age. The story can be told of one of the greatest military general who ever lived, Napoleon Bonaparte. On May 17, 1779, Napoleon started his studies at the royal military academy at only age ten. He later joined the Ecole Militaire on May 17, 1784, at the age of 15. He was to graduate from this school in 1785 with the rank of second lieutenant. While at the army, the French revolution had increased and in 1795 he was promoted and made to be in charge of suppressing the revolution by the masses, thus introducing him to the forefront of French politics.