Myob assignment

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The software required for this assignment is MYOB AccountRight Plus version 2017.2a. The software is installed in the computer labs and the Libraryb. To install the software on your personal computer, please follow the on the Moodle subjectpagec. Do not upgrade to higher versions when opening filesd. You need to upload your newly created company file on Moodle immediately after theactivation with the serial number provided by your Tutor in class Students are required to produce the reports from the textbook, Pabst Accounting with MYOB 2015,Chapter 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9.a. Follow the instructions of ‘MYOB Topic1 Create & Backup a Company File’ to create yourcompany fileb. Start Chapter 2 from page 19 ‘Set-up the accounts list’c. Do not attempt the Revision Exercises at the end of each chapterd. Save the generated reports as PDF documents with the figure numbers and names providedin the book (E.g. FIGURE 2.24 Trial Balance for May)e. Print out the reports and mark the differences if the numbers don’t match the textbook18/05/202040businessfinance