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Essential Elements for Effectiveness Written by Juan R. Abascal, Essential Elements for Effectiveness is a Psychology book that is usually used for academic reason, but some of the people refer it to improve their existing life. As the extended line suggests, this book is a passport for an individual and the community as well to guide their selves towards success, which in turn have a positive impact on the world, or at large one’s society. The aforesaid statement couldn’t be any less true, since the positive changes this book has brought in me had helped me a lot, in different manners too. In relation to this, the paper will be discussed from my perspective, which is how exactly this book has been a helping hand. this includes meditation, how to manage stress and managing myself in time. Meditation has been preferred for one’s peace and healthiness, however this was not included in my normal routine, but introduction of this book has been a very great help as the text introduced and somehow persuaded me to try out meditation. Once I started this exercise, I couldn’t help but notice the positive changes it started to bring in my life. For instance, it reduces tension related problem such as anxiety, joint and muscles issues and headaches. Not only this, the feeling of boundless energy and to be creative, being emotionally stable and feeling unusually happy and healthy are some of the perks of meditating. Moving to the next help that has been extended to me by reading and examining this book is the different ways and procedures through which I can manage stress. The initial step that is needed to be taken to ensure stress management is the very core from which this problem is erupting. If the original reason behind this issue is external that one should try to eliminate this factor, or if tit is internal that one should produce ways to deal with it. Another way to control stress is keep doing what you love such as painting, reading, go for outing, sharing with your parent, sibling or friend, because the more you indulge yourself in your favorite activities, the less you ponder over the issues that generates stress. Interestingly, stress is also sometime caused when you do something which you shouldn’t have done, so sometimes confessing helps too in reducing stress. Likewise, one should always try to look at the bright side or do things the right way. Exploring the third benefit which I have extracted from the book. the initial and the most important thing when managing yourself in time is to set achievable and realistic goal, because if you aim to do something which you can’t, then the one thing you lose most is time. Furthermore, it taught me to balance my effort and don’t pursue one thing rigorously and leave other things alone. Similarly, I now keep track of my efforts too, when I start some work I keep checking that I don’t spent too much time on one thing and also countercheck that the progress I had made so far is agreeable or I need to decrease or increase my pace. Not only this, but by taking break and engaging in recreational activities ensure that we don’t tire quickly and waste precious time. All in all, this book really helps in changing the readers life because it just not present with solutions, but inform readers of the procedure that can be taken to achieve that solution.BibliographyAbascal, Juan R. Essential Elements for Effectiveness. Pearson Custom Publishing, 2006.